DRT Fabrication

2005-2023 Tacoma bolt on bump stop

The ultimate bolt on bump stop kit for your Tacoma.

An adjustable bump stop will allow you to properly set the bump height for your given suspension package.

Not only does an adjustable bump stop optimize your suspensions up travel but it allows you to prevent bottoming out your shocks and cause damage. All aftermarket shocks have different compressed lengths and all aftermarket leaf springs have different heights and this is why an adjustable bump stop is needed.

The upper bump stop mount is direct bolt on secured by four 1/2" grade 8 bolts on each side.

The lower U-Bolt flip plate is 3/8" steel with an additional side support to spread bump forces and prevent deformation commonly seen with others available.

The only U-bolt flip that uses massive grade 8 5/8 U bolts with a proper 3 1/8" inside diameter.

Kit includes:

Qty two ADS threaded bump stops
Qty two bump stop brackets
Qty 2 3/8" thick U bolt flip plates with an additional side support to spread bump forces
Qty 4 5/8 U-Bolts and stover nuts