DRT Fabrication
$1,556.00 - $2,020.00

2.5 x 12” ADS Smooth Bodies

ADS Racing Shocks smooth body shocks were born from the years of desert racing experience our founders have accumulated. Performance, reliability and longevity were the primary concerns when ADS set out to develop its smooth body dampers, and we have not strayed from that initial thought process. Years of racing will teach you that ,if something can go wrong it will go wrong. With that mindset in place, eliminating the possibility of failure was the primary goal. Every single component on an ADS Racing Shock has a purpose from our screw in end cap reservoirs to enhanced flow in critical areas that reduces heat buildup and harshness, these reductions in restriction amplify traction potential and driver control. Large capacity reservoirs aid in cooling as well as reducing pressure gain in the system. Large diameter shafts increase strength for extreme applications and stand up to the abuse of racing time and time again. All these features together deliver a bullet proof shock that is guaranteed to perform on your race car or weekend warrior.

ADS shocks is our preferred shock manufacture. Not only because of their dedication to the industry but because all of their shocks are made right here in Arizona with only the best materials and processes. Making sure your vehicles suspension is always performing as intended.

ADS is also the only shock manufacture with a 13" stroke smooth body readily available. These shocks have relatively the same compressed length as most 12" shocks available. This keeps your lower shock mount from hanging low and in harms way commonly seen with 14" shocks.