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2016+ High Clearance rear bumper

2016+ High Clearance rear bumper
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Introducing our 2016+ Tacoma high clearance rear bumper. During design we wanted to ensure that our bumper actually increased the departure angle as much as possible. The rear portion of our bumper offers more clearance than any bumper on the market with an overall height of about 4.5" and is tucked as close to the tail gate as possible while still allowing protection for the bed.

Two mounting locations for Baja designs S2 flush mounts are recessed into the face of the bumper to maintain a sleek yet aggressive and functional look.

The bumper is primarily 3/16 high strength steel with 3/8" thick frame mounts with recovery points integrated into the frame plates. This ties the D rings directly into the chassis providing a great recovery point. The D ring portion of the frame plates have 3/16" steel welded on both sides creating a 3/4" thick recovery point intended to be used with 3/4" shackles with a 7/8 pin.

The license area plate is completely boxed in to add rigidity for the laser cut hitch tube. This also ensures the license plate area will not bend or catch on any edge. The hitch is NOT designed for towing. It's intended use is for basket racks/bike racks etc. There are no chain attachment points.

The trailer plug harness is relocated behind the bumper and out of harms way.

The high clearance sides are gusseted directly to the frame plate to prevent damage on hard impacts.

Key points

Bumper does not support BSM systems. This can be turned off within the truck.

Back up sensors can be added at your discretion by drilling holes through the bumper.

Does not work with factory hitch

Factory license plate lights will not work but new led lights are provided. Minor wiring and splicing is required.

All necessary hardware for install is included.

Cutting the bed sides is required for install.

Weighs approximately 105lbs

Bumpers only come RAW. Powder coat is not an option.

* Official price is TBD. Swing outs will be available for this bumper. We intend to design it in a way where it can be added on later if you choose to do so*