DRT Fabrication
$1,525.00 - $1,750.00

2005-2023 Tacoma swing out

Introducing our Bolt-On Tire Carrier/Swing Out, designed with form and function to increase your Tacoma's versatility. This innovative swing-out allows you to securely mount a spare tire at the back of your Tacoma, along with essential gear such as a jack, gas can, rotopax, tools, and more. The hinge features two uniball bearings with aluminum misaligns and o-rings, ensuring optimal durability and protection against debris and water. This ensures a quiet & smooth operation. No more packing cheap wheel bearings full of grease!

Each mount is secured to the bumper using five 3/8 grade 8 bolts. And because this is bolt on YES! This can be added to your DRT HC rear bumper at a later date. Easy to use laser cut templates are provided to aid in installation.

On the latch side of the swing out a wedge design is utilized. Two CNC machined black UHMW pads are mounted to the swing out to reduced wear and noise. Lockable Billet e3 machine compression latches come standard(black and raw combo).

Bolt on spare tire mount comes standard. The mount is angled to increase ground clearance and has built in adjustability to account for different tire widths and wheel offsets(0 to -36 offset)

Additionally, when the swing out is opened, a massive CNC bead rolled table conveniently flips down, providing an extra space for cooking and other activities on the go.

Billet pull pins come standard and feature 3 hole positions. Closed, 90° and 130° open. A stainless steel slide plate allows for continuous use without having to worry about scratching powder coat.

Key points:

• 100% bolt on
• Machined UHMW wedge pads
• Billet e3 Machine compression latch
• Dual uniball hinge
• Aluminum CNC bead rolled table
• 3/16 steel base for spare tire mount
• Adjustable spare tire mount
• Billet pull pin
• Closed, 90° and 130° pin positions.
• Stainless steel pin slide plate
• Weighs ~85lbs
• Ships raw
• spare tire designed around 35" tire (seen in photos)

Estimated 8-10 week lead time.

This item ships freight. Swing outs ship free if you have a bumper on order. Flat rate shipping only applies to the lower 48 states.

Ex. If you placed an order for a rear bumper and place an order for a swing out 4 weeks after the original bumper order is placed the lead time for swing outs is still in effect. Your bumper will ship when your swing out is ready and they will ship together.