DRT Fabrication

2005+ Tacoma spare tire carrier

Want to run a full size spare up to a 35” tire on your 2005+ Tacoma but dont have/want a swing out? Here’s your fix!

The radius tube section bolts to the middle bed bolts and two 3/16 steel angled brackets bolt to the rear bed bolts.

This is 100% bolt in with no drilling required. It is normal for the radius tube to lift approximately a 1/2" or so from the bed when the tire is securely strapped in place.

Fits up to a 35” tire
Comes powder coated textured black
100% bolt in
Works with bed stiffeners
Design to work with a 1.5” y strap or 2 of most smaller 1” ratchet straps.
Fits long/short beds
35.5" from deepest point of radius to inside of tail gate.